Definition of monomial in English:


Pronunciation /məˈnōmēəl/ /məˈnoʊmiəl/


  • (of an algebraic expression) consisting of one term.


  • An algebraic expression consisting of one term.

    ‘The essence of this method is in finding coefficients of basic monomials via the number of possible arrangements of a graph on a finite linearly ordered set that preserves the order of location of vertices.’
    • ‘Having given rules for multiplication and division of monomials he then looked at ‘composite quantities’ or sums of monomials.’
    • ‘He was first to define the monomials x, x 2, x 3,… and 1 / x, 1 / x 2, 1 / x 3,… and to give rules for products of any two of these.’
    • ‘We next observe that the characteristic polynomial factors into the product of a quadratic polynomial and a monomial.’
    • ‘We have checked that using the simpler monomial does not influence the results in any regime discussed.’


Early 18th century from mono-‘one’, on the pattern of binomial.