Definition of monopsony in English:


nounplural noun monopsonies

  • A market situation in which there is only one buyer.

    ‘Using modern terms, in labor markets oligopsony or monopsony emerges, and market imperfections and a zero reservation price for labor exist.’
    • ‘One way of attending to this need for prudent regulation would be to establish a monopsony, a situation where only one buyer exists for the products of several sellers.’
    • ‘Now, whatever their other inefficiencies might or might not be, law reviews are not monopsonies, since they allow multiple submissions.’
    • ‘There may have been instances of monopsony or oligopsony in the 19th century, but they were short-lived.’
    • ‘In this manner, the imperfect market for players has been transformed from one of monopsony to that of bilateral monopoly.’



/məˈnäpsənē/ /məˈnɑpsəni/


1930s from mono-‘one’ + Greek opsōnein ‘buy provisions’+ -y.