Definition of monosomic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmänəˈsōmik/



See monosomy

‘A new marker on LG D04, the homeolog of chromosome 10, showed the G. barbadense allele in a cytogenetic stock monosomic for chromosome 20.’
  • ‘The selected nuclei are monosomic for the chromosome that carries the darA mutation; or they are disomic, and mitotic recombination has rendered the mutation homozygous.’
  • ‘Each type of monosomic and monotelodisomic aneuploid exhibits a characteristic chromosome-specific phenotypic syndrome.’
  • ‘A nucleus with one green signal was considered monosomic for chromosome 8 and one with three hybridization signals as trisomic.’
  • ‘Depending upon which sperm fertilizes the egg, the resulting plant will be trisomic or monosomic for the translocated A region.’