Definition of monosomy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmänəˌsōmē/ /ˈmɑnəˌsoʊmi/


  • The condition of having a diploid chromosome complement in which one (usually the X) chromosome lacks its homologous partner.

    ‘The predominant anomalies in reproductive specimens include trisomy of the autosomes and monosomy of the X chromosome.’
    • ‘Both monosomy and trisomy of specific chromosomes are associated with developmental defects and cancer risk.’
    • ‘One plant lacked all six chromosome 12 markers, which indicates possible monosomy, and the other lacked just a terminal marker from the end of chromosome 10.’
    • ‘We conclude that chromosomes with damaged centromeres fail to correctly attach to the spindle, thus producing MN and monosomy.’
    • ‘Isochromosome 17 in this tumor may be functionally equivalent to monosomy 17, as the short arm is lost.’