Definition of Monothelite in English:


(also Monothelete)

Pronunciation /məˈnäTHəˌlīt/ /məˈnɑθəˌlaɪt/


Christian Theology
  • An adherent of the doctrine that Jesus had only one will, proposed in the 7th century to reconcile Monophysite and orthodox parties in the Byzantine Empire but condemned as heresy.

    ‘As the Monotheletes denied a human free will in Christ, so monergism denies a human free will in the redeemed.’
    • ‘The error of the Monotheletes was to deprive Christ of an indispensible element of human nature: the human will.’
    • ‘Seeing the spread of the heresy of the Monothelites, with which even the Emperor himself was infected, he left the imperial palace and joined the monks in the Chrysopolis Monastery.’
    • ‘Farrell puts Maximos’ analysis of free will into the context of the controversies with the Monotheletes.’
    • ‘These expressions are directed against the Monotheletes, ‘who acknowledged a human mind in Christ, but denied to Christ a human will.’’


Late Middle English via ecclesiastical Latin from ecclesiastical Greek monothelētēs, from monos ‘single’ + thelētēs (from thelein ‘to will’).