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  • 1Lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine.

    ‘you can become resigned to the monotony of captivity’
    • ‘All of these methods can break the muscle monotony of traditional routines and shock complacent bodyparts into new gains.’
    • ‘There is very little to break the familiarity and deadening monotony of Aslam's routine.’
    • ‘The tedious monotony of his job did not deter him from being innovative.’
    • ‘It will break the daily monotony of riding on cramped and airless trains.’
    • ‘Metallic fabrics broke the monotony of a restrained colour palette dominated by greys and blush pink.’
    • ‘As he headed out to his next class, he hoped the test scores, when they came out, would give him a break from the normal monotony of his life.’
    • ‘They watch football to lose themselves in the game and take a break from the everyday monotony of their lives.’
    • ‘He had a penchant for framing shots through the spokes of the nearest wagon wheel, to break up the visual monotony of a scene.’
    • ‘So short are the new trees that not a leaf breaks the angular monotony of gabled roof lines.’
    • ‘The football season was in full swing, and the monotony of routine has set in.’
    • ‘In fact, it's likely they may be tired and dreading the monotony of a step routine.’
    • ‘Still, while locked up, the inmates look for something to relieve the boredom and monotony of prison life.’
    • ‘It broke up the monotony of the water and it was interesting the way the boat appeared to nod as it rode the waves.’
    • ‘Each artist had her dress in a different colour avoiding the monotony of uniformity.’
    • ‘This was evident, too, in the terrible monotony of the subjects studied and the very limited variety of the sources used.’
    • ‘Midsummer vacations are eagerly awaited every year by all students with the sole objective of getting a break from the monotony of studies.’
    • ‘Once again, contrast piping or tone-on-tone jacquard prints are a great way to break up the monotony of solids.’
    • ‘Occasionally breakdown to break the monotony of a long journey with frequent stops.’
    • ‘The Tallahassee cop decided to play a little gag to break the monotony of a training mission.’
    • ‘A great tasting meal replacement breaks the monotony of your diet.’
    tedium, tediousness, lack of variety, dullness, boredom, lack of variation, repetitiveness, repetitiousness, repetition, sameness, unchangingness, uniformity, routine, routineness, wearisomeness, tiresomeness, humdrumness, lack of interest, lack of excitement, prosaicness, uneventfulness, dreariness, colourlessness, featurelessness
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    1. 1.1Sameness of pitch or tone in a sound or utterance.
      ‘depression flattens the voice almost to monotony’
      • ‘‘You did,’ Alysia accused, her tone faltering from its usual emotionless monotony.’
      • ‘She thought that maybe her mind was making the tone sound different so as to break the monotony but then the sounds began to make sense.’
      • ‘The sweetness of the vocal harmonies is tempered by the rawness of the guitar and the unremitting monotony of the drum patterns.’
      • ‘A bass voice, she adds, breaks the monotony of a song, bringing variety to the music.’
      tonelessness, flatness, lack of inflection, drone
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/məˈnätənē/ /məˈnɑtəni/ /məˈnädənē/ /məˈnɑdəni/