Definition of monotype in English:



  • 1

    (also Monotype)
    trademark usually as modifier A typesetting machine, now little used, which casts type in metal, one character at a time.

    ‘Monotype machines’
    • ‘‘Slug machines’ was the term used generically to distinguish these line-casters from the Monotype machine which cast individual pieces of type and assembled the cast types into a line.’
    • ‘It is only in the last 30 years that computers have replaced the bulky Monotype and Linotype machines that had generated type in much the same way Gutenberg did in the 15th century.’
    • ‘The fact that he chose Monotype's Times New Roman over Linotype's Times Old Roman is a subtle reminder of the ever-ubiquitous reach of the software giant, one of its licensees.’
    • ‘For nearly a century, the text to be printed was cast in hot metal, using monotype to set single characters or linotype to set text line by line.’
  • 2A single print taken from a design created in oil paint or printing ink on glass or metal.

    • ‘‘An Exhibition of Watercolors and Monoprints’ will feature 40 watercolors on heavy Whatman paper and monotypes printed with oil paints on paper.’
    • ‘Around the same time Castiglione was creating monotypes, art historians report that Rembrandt van Rijn was experimenting with monoprints.’
    • ‘During the past few years, Andrews has begun making lithographs, etchings, monotypes and giclees of fashion-related images.’
    • ‘The generally horizontal format and evident horizon lines of the 11 oil paintings and three monotypes make it clear that these are landscapes.’
    • ‘Back in the South Sea in Tahiti and from 1901 on the Marquesas Islands, Gauguin produced some thirty more woodcuts - mostly monotypes.’
    • ‘I am convinced that the powerful re-emergence of monotypes and woodcuts relates directly to the explosions and reverberations of new technologies.’
    • ‘The exhibition features a mixed bag of etchings, silkscreens, monotypes, mixed media works and artist's books, which explore concepts of personal experience and identity as well as genre critiques.’
    • ‘Another artist created monotypes off a litho press, while another dipped the oilbar into turp and used it wet - or applied liquid in conjunction with it.’
    • ‘The most remarkable of all English colour prints are those of William Blake, particularly his large monotypes, which exist in a world of their own.’
    • ‘The company will publish limited-edition giclees and original monotypes on canvas for distribution to various luxury cruise ship lines.’
    • ‘For this solo, he exhibited untitled watercolors and monotypes with his typically whimsical mixture of abstraction and figuration.’
    • ‘A few years ago, the Terra Museum in Chicago hosted an exhibition of monotypes and prints by American artists.’
    • ‘Titled ‘Particolari,’ it consisted of wall-mounted reliefs, handmade-paper paintings and monotypes based on memories of travel through Italy.’
    • ‘A handful of other paintings and monotypes were on hand, but their greater sizes and varying approaches seemed to dilute the exhibition.’
    • ‘Over the years they donated nearly three hundred examples in a variety of mediums including sculpture, paintings, drawings, watercolors, and monotypes.’
    • ‘He also made about 200 monotypes, an unusually large œuvre in this medium.’
    • ‘The top lot at the sale was a Johns monotype, ‘Savarin’ which fetched $365,900.’
    • ‘They are possibly used most successfully in a series of monotypes, where the relatively loose handling and brushy texture lead to slight but somehow welcome distortions.’
    • ‘Her landscape monotype is a wonderful riot of mark-making and colour, which at a single glance tells the viewer that this artist is rich in terms of life experience, character and ability.’
    • ‘Each student was required to hand in their monotype, their embossing, and their entire sections of relief prints, appropriately numbered and signed.’