Definición de monsoonal en inglés



See monsoon

‘Rainfall in the savannah region usually arrives between November and April in heavy bursts from monsoonal depressions or tropical cyclones.’
  • ‘As monsoonal rains poured down, the Gulf Country of Queensland, and extensive areas of the dry centre, were turned into vast inland seas, isolating pastoral stations and causing heavy cattle losses.’
  • ‘The climate of the study area is sub-tropical and monsoonal.’
  • ‘‘The wet season is a bit different to Darwin - the monsoonal down-pours are a regular occurrence here,’ he said.’
  • ‘The monsoonal rains began on July 26, when an unprecedented 76 centimetres of rain fell in just 24 hours, devastating the city's inadequate infrastructure.’



/mänˈso͞onl/ /mɑnˈsunl/