Definition of monstera in English:



  • A large tropical American climbing plant of the arum family, which typically has divided or perforated leaves and corky aerial roots. Several kinds are cultivated as indoor plants when young.

    Genus Monstera, family Araceae: several species

    ‘The nursery is currently being used to produce ornamentals such as plumeria, monstera, and dracaena.’
    • ‘Her last design, a tall stand, displayed large palm leaves and monstera leaves.’
    • ‘Finally, a large urn containing a tall piece of dried contorted hazel was surrounded by monstera leaves, asparagus fern, Scots pine, palm leaves and larch branches.’
    • ‘I open the window of my study and see the Painted bat, roosting in the foliage of the monstera creeper, is already asleep after a night's wandering, covering its body with its bright red and black wings.’



/ˈmänstərə/ /ˈmɑnstərə/


Modern Latin, perhaps from Latin monstrum ‘monster’ (because of the unusual appearance of the leaves in some species).