Definition of monstrosity in English:


Pronunciation /mänˈsträsədē/ /mɑnˈstrɑsədi/

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  • 1Something, especially a building, that is very large and is considered unsightly.

    ‘the shopping center, a multistory monstrosity of raw concrete’
    • ‘We are losing faith especially when we see a monstrosity of a building going up at the corner of Coronation Street and Mucurapo Road, which we understand is an illegal structure.’
    • ‘The building is an architectural monstrosity.’
    • ‘And yet the building is a monstrosity, a gaping hole in the middle of town, hostile to the needs of its neighbors and inhabitants alike.’
    • ‘The police station is going to be demolished and from what I have seen of the plans, a monstrosity of a building is going to be erected in a conservation area.’
    • ‘When first purchased in the 1940s and 1950s, many citizens of Philadelphia saw such buildings as architectural monstrosities that needed to be replaced.’
    • ‘Not much to cheer about then as I parked my car in a multi-storey monstrosity.’
    • ‘Although I don't remember the food I do remember the cafe being knocked down to make way for the concrete monstrosity that is the council offices.’
    • ‘It will essentially be a concrete monstrosity with street lights on it.’
    • ‘On the three days I work in the city, I have a short walk from the concrete monstrosity where I park my car to the office.’
    • ‘This is the same council that allowed concrete monstrosities to be built.’
    • ‘The project ran into huge opposition from a committee, who were worried the building would be an ugly monstrosity, while also harbouring concerns about traffic.’
    • ‘I'm amazed by the monstrosity of architecture, the eradication of beautiful buildings.’
    • ‘And their first move should be to halt the building of new power lines, most notably the giant monstrosity about to scar the Yorkshire countryside.’
    • ‘I think it is an absolute disgrace that the tube station is being redeveloped into that monstrosity of a building.’
    • ‘It obstructed the view into the city centre, and became an eyesore and a monstrosity that for the past several years has been closed and obsolete.’
    • ‘I have the misfortune to live between a blinding, yellow concrete monstrosity on one side and an unkempt, dirty, semi-paved yard on the other.’
    • ‘The residents of the area enjoy a peaceful neighbourhood, this stadium would be a monstrosity.’
    • ‘There has been no consultation about this, and the proposed mast is an absolute monstrosity.’
    • ‘The letters echoes a much held view: because in the 1960s a monstrosity was put up at 9 High Street we should never, ever build anything again.’
    • ‘She has said it's a disgrace that young couples who saved and borrowed for their dream home should end up with a monstrosity virtually in their back gardens.’
    eyesore, horror, blot on the landscape, carbuncle, excrescence
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    1. 1.1A grossly malformed animal, plant, or person.
      ‘Changes to homeotic genes cause monstrosities (two heads, a leg where an eye should be, etc.); they do not change an amphibian into a reptile, for example.’
      • ‘These hopeful monsters were monstrosities produced by mutations.’
      • ‘It's easy to make new monstrosities and pick genetic traits for each.’
      • ‘If they were to mate, their offspring would be biological monstrosities.’
      • ‘The reptilian monstrosity shook off the vines with total ease, body curled up beneath the neck, and tail stretched out behind it, rattling noisily.’
      • ‘I stared in horror at the monstrosity in my arms.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, in its place I found a deformed monstrosity.’
      • ‘Scientists used to think that such monstrosities so deeply violated the normal state of the sea that they could only occur once every 10,000 years.’
      • ‘You mean to say someone scooped this from off the floor of the labs and said, yes, this blue one here, let's see what sort of monstrosity it will blossom into if brought to term?’
      mutant, mutation, freak, freak of nature, monster, abortion, malformation
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  • 2Something that is outrageously or offensively wrong.

    ‘how could anyone be capable of such monstrosities?’
    • ‘Outrage at the monstrosity of his regime is unavoidable.’
    • ‘If only we did live in a world where these evil aforementioned monstrosities have and never will happen, to give up my whole belief system would be a price I would gladly pay.’
    • ‘I would rather take my chances fighting an invasion of foreigners than participate in that evil monstrosity.’
    • ‘They were the most dangerous and most feared monstrosities in existence.’
    • ‘Nazism was a diabolical monstrosity and it was fitting not only to commemorate its demise, but also to celebrate the millions who paid the highest sacrifice.’
    • ‘We pledge to ensure that such a monstrosity does not ever happen again.’
    • ‘It is dishonest, and worse, to accuse this honorable man of the monstrosity.’
    • ‘Famine had mutated into an invincible monstrosity that was ravaging more than half of Africa's children.’
    • ‘I am a monstrosity, a selfish little girl who selected her own life instead of those that gave her life and those who meant almost everything to her.’
    • ‘Reagan's greatness lies in that he clearly saw this monstrosity for what it was and relentlessly worked to defeat it.’
  • 3The state or fact of being monstrous.

    ‘had my tone of reason in the face of monstrosity finally registered?’
    • ‘The film is a brutal, blood-soaked plea for compassion and understanding in the face of monstrosity.’
    • ‘And also there is a great love affair, I suppose, with ideas of monstrosity.’
    ugly sight, horrible sight, grotesque sight, eyesore, monstrosity, horror, frightful spectacle
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Mid 16th century (denoting an abnormality of growth): from late Latin monstrositas, from Latin monstrosus (see monstrous).