Definition of Montagnard in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmän(t)ənˈyärd/ /ˌmɑn(t)ənˈjɑrd/


  • A member of any various hill-dwelling people of Southeast Asia, especially those inhabiting the highlands of Vietnam.

    ‘Hundreds of Montagnards fled across the border into Cambodia around March, claiming they were facing government persecution on account of their Christian faith and that their ancestral lands were being threatened.’
    • ‘In the weeks and months following the unrest, at least 1,500 Montagnards crossed the border to Cambodia, the majority of which were eventually allowed to resettle in the U.S.’
    • ‘The Montagnards have been fleeing to Cambodia since February when widespread rural demonstrations over land rights spurred a government crackdown in their homeland.’
    • ‘Most were Montagnards who fled by land to Cambodia.’
    • ‘The Montagnards rejected it, however, and denounced its author.’


  • Relating to the Montagnards or their language.

    ‘He gives some kind of elaborate order in French to one of his Montagnard lieutenants.’
    • ‘If you're interested in Vietnam's geographic and ethnic diversity, go to Sapa, home of the Montagnard minority peoples living on the mountainous border with Laos.’
    • ‘He becomes a brother to the special forces and their Montagnard soldiers, smashing Vietcong units to bits with airpower.’
    • ‘Gardeners from all around the state come for tours and education on the cultivation and use of food plants that are basic to Montagnard cooking.’
    • ‘An elderly Montagnard woman sits at the door of a "house church" in Kret Krot village.’


French, from montagne ‘mountain’.