Definition of Montezuma's revenge in English:

Montezuma's revenge

Pronunciation /ˌmän(t)əˈzo͞oməz rəˈvenj/ /ˌmɑn(t)əˈzuməz rəˈvɛndʒ/ /ˌmän(t)əˈzo͞oməz rēˈvenj/ /ˌmɑn(t)əˈzuməz riˈvɛndʒ/


  • Diarrhea suffered by travelers, especially visitors to Mexico.

    • ‘Any casual guest would have thought we were all suffering from Montezuma's revenge after a spicy South American supper.’
    • ‘‘Maybe we'll get lucky- and Matt will too for that matter- and they'll get a raging case of Montezuma's revenge and end up stuck in the hotel for the week,’ he joked.’
    • ‘‘Americans don't have to be afraid of Montezuma's revenge from our kitchen,’ Dr. Rique says.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the next few days produced the Middle Eastern equivalent of Montezuma's revenge.’