Definition of monumentalism in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmänyəˈmen(t)əˌlizəm/ /ˌmɑnjəˈmɛn(t)əˌlɪzəm/


  • Construction, especially of buildings, on a grand scale.

    ‘This in a time when there was an obsession with structural monumentalism.’
    • ‘If this is cultural arrogance, it has perhaps some of its roots in insecurity and takes a tangible form in architectural monumentalism.’
    • ‘In designing the embassy, the architects were faced with the challenge of finding a symbolically appropriate architectural expression, while refraining from monumentalism.’
    • ‘Unfortunately Kelly's plan looks too modest - where's the swaggering monumentalism?’
    • ‘But the cliff artists easily made up for a lack of monumentalism with sheer abundance.’