Definition of monumentally in English:



  • 1To a very great or extreme degree.

    ‘he has monumentally failed to ask intelligent questions’
    • ‘a monumentally stupid idea’
    • ‘A prominent historian at the time described it as the most monumentally useless book ever written.’
    • ‘What a monumentally tedious night that was.’
    • ‘I think Morrison's going to be monumentally disappointed by the restrictions he'll be faced with.’
    • ‘I'm arguing the banks as loan servicers have monumentally messed up.’
    • ‘You may not have been monumentally surprised to learn this report concluded that the army did a splendid job.’
    • ‘Perhaps he was just badly briefed by his advisers on this topic, in which he comes across as monumentally confused.’
    • ‘He thought the whole issue had been monumentally mismanaged and that some bowlers were being allowed to get away with cheating.’
    • ‘He seemed monumentally bored with all the shiny stuff on offer.’
    • ‘It is an extreme assessment of the mood within the corridors of power in the days leading up to what could be a monumentally destructive national dispute.’
    • ‘Under closer analysis, our supposedly cheap food supply becomes monumentally expensive.’
    1. 1.1In a grandly imposing way.
      ‘monumentally scaled metal sculptures’
      • ‘the games had been monumentally financed’
      • ‘She is of diminutive stature and makes monumentally powerful, often huge sculptures.’
      • ‘The monumentally scaled drawings and paintings mix references to Mexican-American culture, inner-city life and gang culture.’
      • ‘This whimsical but dangerous world was depicted in a monumentally epic 15,000 page, single-spaced typed novel, "In the Realms of the Unreal".’
      • ‘The well-crafted, monumentally enlarged sequences through which he expressed his populist theme determined that the show would be of, but necessarily not by, the people.’
      • ‘In the painting category Mullins' monumentally huge abstract compositions, "Lost Horizons," are an utterly absorbing visual experience:.’
      • ‘In these videos, the camera never stands still, often turning a full 360 degrees so that seemingly pin-headed figures, shot from the ground up, loom monumentally.’
      • ‘You can sell a single, monumentally large and hopefully incredibly stunning photograph for $20,000.’
      • ‘At a larger scale the deep plan was followed through in the designs for St Patrick's, Kilsyth, and most monumentally at St Bride's, East Kilbride (1963-65).’
      • ‘I posted about Katz's recent exhibit at Pace, monumentally sized paintings of pine trees, painted at his Maine studio.’
      • ‘Beautiful shots; San Francisco as a heavenly, monumentally vast and purgatorial non-place.’
  • 2By means of or like a monument.

    ‘the monumentally remembered dead’
    • ‘Lionni's stone sculptures monumentally standing on his grounds in Chianti’
    • ‘Thin precast-concrete slabs monumentally define the approach from the nineteenth-century city, and its new memorial square.’
    • ‘The tomb is austere and extravagant; classically restrained in outline; it gives a monumentally public form to an intensely private grief and mourning.’
    • ‘Roman, Egyptian, and Indian are just a few cultures that also sculpted monumentally to commemorate a ruler or deity.’
    • ‘No monument to him, however, adorns any of its parks: Baltimore has too many soldiers to honor to remember monumentally her poet son.’
    • ‘Here is the civilian victor of the civil war, monumentally appreciated, monumentally declared.’



/ˈˌmänyəˈmen(t)əlē/ /ˈˌmɑnjəˈmɛn(t)əli/