Definition of monzonite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmänzəˌnīt/ /ˈmɑnzəˌnaɪt/


  • A granular igneous rock with a composition intermediate between syenite and diorite, containing approximately equal amounts of orthoclase and plagioclase.

    ‘The northwestern parts of La Hague comprise a suite of igneous units ranging in composition from diorite to granite monzonite collectively termed the Northern Granites.’
    • ‘The St Martin monzonite is the earliest member of the Northern Granites.’
    • ‘That is why at 8 A.M. on a Saturday I find myself standing in a parking lot in Southern California's Joshua Tree National Park, which is famous for the quartz monzonite rock that draws climbers from all over the world.’
    • ‘In geologic terms the Vladaya granite is classified as a monzonite due to its low percentage of the mineral quartz.’


Late 19th century named after Mount Monzoni in the Tyrol, Italy, + -ite.