Definition of MOOC in English:


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  • A course of study made available over the internet without charge to a very large number of people.

    ‘anyone who decides to take a MOOC simply logs on to the website and signs up’
    • ‘The leaders of the MOOC revolution have been the likes of Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Princeton.’
    • ‘Werbach, a legal studies and business ethics professor, is teaching a MOOC this summer.’
    • ‘From the beginning, MOOC providers have struggled with the issue of cheating.’
    • ‘At some point, colleges are expected to use the evolving and dynamic MOOC market to make money.’
    • ‘Much of that line of criticism about MOOCs comes from professors at traditional institutions who continue to teach large lecture classes themselves.’
    • ‘My son is taking MOOC classes now and loves them.’
    • ‘Some universities already are incorporating MOOCs into their programs.’
    • ‘MOOCs can educate people far afield from the professor's campus and be a boon to people who don't care about a formal degree.’
    • ‘In a free market system, learners are able to choose whether MOOCs are appropriate for their goals.’
    • ‘It is equally undeniable that online education, especially in the form of MOOCs, can present job seekers with real opportunities to improve their marketable skills.’
    • ‘I have participated in about six MOOCs over the past three years.’
    • ‘The Chronicle surveyed 103 professors who have taught or are currently teaching a MOOC.’



/mo͞ok/ /muk/


Early 21st century from massive open online course, probably influenced by MMOG and MMORPG.