Definition of moon blindness in English:

moon blindness

Pronunciation /mo͞on ˈblīn(d)nis/ /mun ˈblaɪn(d)nɪs/


  • (in horses) a recurrent inflammatory disease of the eyes, causing intermittent blindness.

    ‘There is indeed a disease colloquially known as moon blindness, but it only occurs in horses.’
    • ‘From time-to-time, horse owners and veterinarians see equine recurrent uveitis, also known as periodic ophthalmia or moon blindness, in horses.’
    • ‘Equine recurrent uveitis, also known as moon blindness, is the most common cause of blindness in this species.’
    • ‘My vet came out and checked him and seems to think that he may have ‘moon blindness’ and be very sensitive to light.’
    • ‘As an owner of a horse that has been diagnosed with moon blindness, I have always been looking for alternative treatments for his condition.’