Definition of moon boot in English:

moon boot

Pronunciation /ˈmo͞on ˌbo͞ot/ /ˈmun ˌbut/


  • A warm, thickly padded boot with an outer surface of fabric or plastic.

    ‘Don't buy anything like moon boots; those gigantic boots that keep your feet warm in 10-degree weather are fine for playing in the snow or shoveling, but usually lack style.’
    • ‘The hard-wearing look continued with heavy brown moon boots worn under skin-tight trousers cut to the ankle or knee and asymmetrical jackets drawn tight across the shoulders.’
    • ‘Wearing white leggings, white moon boots, and a furry white hat, I looked like the largest, friendliest snowball you ever laid eyes on!’
    • ‘Perfect powder snow makes a satisfying scrunch as I plod out to the children's area, an ungainly heel-toe process in the leaden moon boots binding my ankles.’
    • ‘Worse still, I used to team summer shorts with a duffle-coat and angel wings, or I'd wear frilly party dresses with my furry moon boots.’
    • ‘Q. Where can I buy a pair of affordable black moon boots?’
    • ‘She was wearing a white short sleeved top with lettering on it, cream combat trousers and a pair of white furry moon boots.’
    gumboot, wellington, wader, walking boot, riding boot, field boot, jackboot, thigh boot, half-boot, ankle boot, pixie boot, Chelsea boot, balmoral, desert boot, moon boot, snow boot