Definition of moon buggy in English:

moon buggy

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Pronunciation /mo͞on ˈbəɡē/ /mun ˈbəɡi/


another term for lunar roving vehicle
‘You're an astronaut driving a moon buggy across the dusty plains of Mare Crisium.’
another term for lunar roving vehicle
  • ‘He piloted the moon buggy along the lunar surface, with Earth visible in the background.’
  • ‘But why settle for a jet when you can have a moon buggy?’
  • ‘Though a moon buggy is best suited to navigating this terrain, you probably will not have access to one.’
  • ‘Solidified lava covers much of the island, and some areas resemble a lunar landscape they even test moon buggies here!’


moon buggy

/mo͞on ˈbəɡē/ /mun ˈbəɡi/