Definition of moonfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmo͞onˌfiSH/ /ˈmunˌfɪʃ/

nounmoonfish, moonfishes

  • A deep-bodied laterally compressed marine fish.

    a silvery fish of the jack family (Carangidae), including Selene setapinnis of the Atlantican opah

    ‘Oceana's scientists attribute the Mediterranean invasion partly to the overfishing of jellyfish predators there, including moonfish, triggerfish, and leatherback turtles, which are often caught accidentally as bycatch.’
    • ‘One fish I wish I could see with my own eyes is the brilliant opah, or moonfish.’
    • ‘Sometimes a moonfish or a sailfish might show up while freely enjoying the open ocean.’
    • ‘The moonfish is swimming in a tank of water.’