Definition of moonflower in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmo͞onˌflou(ə)r/ /ˈmunˌflaʊ(ə)r/


  • A tropical American climbing plant of the morning glory family, with large, sweet-smelling white flowers that open at dusk and close at midday.

    Ipomoea alba, family Convolvulaceae

    ‘She bought a tomato cage, a large plastic flower-pot saucer (the kind that looks like terra-cotta), some string and vines, such as clematis, moonflower or morning glory.’
    • ‘At night, walking slowly through a starlit, stone-covered path, you can happen upon a fragrant moonflower vine covered with large, white saucer-shaped flowers or sweet-scented night-blooming jasmine.’
    • ‘Last weekend we planted moonflowers, next week we're on to sunflowers.’
    • ‘The night air was cool and soothing, carrying the scent of jasmine and moonflowers into the living room.’
    • ‘Plants with large fragrant flowers that bloom at dusk are referred to as moonflowers.’
    • ‘Put in a sweet-smelling night-bloomer like moonflower or Nicotiana sylvestris around your spa.’
    • ‘Darion found Bonnie on her balcony the next night, playing moodily with a moonflower off the vine that clung in an intricate arrangement around the French doors leading out.’
    • ‘Also consider sweet peas, and, for evening blooms, moonflowers.’
    • ‘The summer nights breeze wafted through the place stirring the many silk hangings, I could still smell the beautiful scents of roses and moonflowers upon the breeze.’