Definition of moonset in English:



in singular
  • The setting or time of setting of the moon below the horizon.

    ‘I'm greeted with a spectacular moonset’
    • ‘the best times to observe these meteors are after moonset’
    • ‘From atop her horse she could see two figures at a window, midway up the building, one distinctly older than the other, watching the moonset.’
    • ‘Indeed a partial lunar eclipse could be seen from New England, early in the morning on May 18, although only at moonset.’
    • ‘For locals, moonset is around 1 AM tonight and a little after 1: 30 AM tomorrow night.’
    • ‘The best viewing opportunity will come on the morning of August 12, during a narrow window from moonset until the start of morning twilight.’



/ˈmo͞onset/ /ˈmunsɛt/