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  • A pearly white semiprecious stone, especially one consisting of alkali feldspar.

    ‘And don't miss this place, where you can not only buy sapphires, rubies, moonstones, aquamarines and the rest, but you can also see where they are mined.’
    • ‘In their day, pieces were decorated with enamels or semi-precious stones, and the jewellery adorned by amethysts, chrysoprase and moonstones and more - chosen for their artistic merits rather than value.’
    • ‘Opals and moonstones glimmer as they dangle from her bracelets and anklets.’
    • ‘More searching turned up golden slippers, and a hair net of pearls and moonstones, held on by a headpiece that looked like a combination between a circlet and a headband.’
    • ‘Glittering topaz, shining emerald, synthetic sapphire and moonstone are some of the varieties, which attract the visitors.’
    • ‘She had only bought the necklace because it was said that moonstones inspire success in love and life, and that they relieve stress, and balance emotions, for new beginnings.’
    • ‘Daron took out a long sword made of strange metal of dark indigo and a few pieces in white moonstone.’



/ˈmo͞onˌstōn/ /ˈmunˌstoʊn/