Definition of moonwalk in English:



  • 1An act or period of walking on the surface of the moon.

  • 2A dance with a gliding motion, in which the dancer appears to be moving forward but in fact is moving backwards.

    ‘Jackson does the moonwalk in his current stageshow’
    • ‘I was on the corner with some friends and I did the moonwalk for them.’
    • ‘Evan started doing this smooth thing where he did a sort of moonwalk in a circle and then stopped, facing me.’
    • ‘‘Finish it off with a moonwalk and maniacal laughter,’ I tell him.’
    • ‘In the end, Charles' robotic moonwalk was overcome by Anthony's jiggy jittering.’
    • ‘He even did the moonwalk,’ Emily laughed and Grace laughed with her.’
    • ‘He looks like he's ready to break out into the moonwalk.’
    • ‘I was doing the Riverdance, then I tried to do a moonwalk and some silly little body poses.…’
    • ‘You know, 15 years ago I went to Madison Square Garden and I watched Michael Jackson perform and do the moonwalk across the stage.’
    • ‘When he finally called her over to the dinner table, she executed a perfect Michael Jackson moonwalk, finished up with a 180-degree spin and straddle-hopped over the chair back to land squarely in her seat.’


[with object]
  • 1Walk on the surface of the moon.

    ‘pictorial representations covering every subject from cave painting to moonwalking’
    • ‘The crew made a total of three moonwalks over as many days, ventured 27 km from their landing craft, and spent a total of over 20 hours on the Moon.’
    • ‘Astronauts, it seems, don't get enough natural light up there, and can become too despondent to moonwalk.’
  • 2Dance the moonwalk.

    • ‘He is joined by half a dozen oily men, and delivers a blistering dance routine in which he moonwalks.’
    • ‘She saw him start to act goofy, dancing like an Egyptian and moonwalking across the sand.’
    • ‘Then he moonwalked like Michael Jackson back toward the tunnel.’
    • ‘Michael could moonwalk al over the room if he wanted to.’
    • ‘Some guy called Tim also mocked me all night for claiming to be able to moonwalk and then not actually being able to do it.’
    • ‘She sings with some of the other girls on her ward and shows them how to moonwalk.’