Definition of moonwort in English:



  • A widely distributed fern with a single small frond of fan-shaped lobes and a separate spike bearing the spore-producing organs, growing typically in grassy uplands and old meadows.

    Genus Botrychium, family Ophioglossaceae: several species, in particular the rare B. lunaria

    ‘Apparently moonworts produce only one leaf per year, which is split into two parts: one for photosynthesis and one for producing spores for reproduction.’
    • ‘Especially in the West, most moonworts are uncommon and hard to find even for known populations.’
    • ‘Only a small portion of moonwort populations emerge above the forest floor's leaves and needles.’
    • ‘Most readers have never heard of moonworts and those who have, may have never seen a live one.’
    • ‘There are seven species of moonworts known to occur in the flora of Denali National Park.’
    • ‘Slender moonwort is a small perennial fern with pale green leaves two to seven inches long.’
    • ‘All but the moonworts and grape ferns have fronds that, in the bud stage, are tightly coiled into the familiar fern crozier that is usually protected by a covering of scales or hairs.’
    • ‘I'll be disappearing into the northwoods of Minnesota for the next month or so, on the hunt for moonworts and goblin ferns.’
    • ‘This living landscape includes an interesting group of small ferns called moonworts.’



/ˈmo͞onwərt/ /ˈmunwərt/