Definition of moorage in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɔːrɪdʒ/ /ˈmʊərɪdʒ/


mass noun
  • 1The action of mooring a boat or ship to the shore or to an anchor.

    ‘regulations prohibiting the long-term moorage of vessels’
    1. 1.1count noun A place where a boat or ship is moored.
      ‘I left the boat on a knee-deep moorage for two summers’
      mass noun ‘the marinas provide moorage for 1,200 boats’
    2. 1.2count noun A fee charged for mooring a boat or ship.
      ‘the boat owner hadn't paid the moorage’



/ˈmɔːrɪdʒ/ /ˈmʊərɪdʒ/