Definition of moorhen in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmo͝orhen/ /ˈmʊrhɛn/

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  • 1A small aquatic rail with mainly blackish plumage.

    Family Rallidae: two genera and four species, in particular the widespread common gallinule (Gallinula chloropus), with a red and yellow bill

    ‘Other birds I saw near the pond were coot, moorhen, purple swamphen and a few Gray Wagtails walking around near the water.’
    • ‘A pair of coots, some moorhens, a little grebe and a single Little Egret rounded out the waterbirds.’
    • ‘Going around the lake I observed crested grebes, coots, moorhens, ducks, swans and herons.’
    • ‘The ducks are among hundreds of wildfowl, including moorhens, coots and Canada geese based at the university, which is famed for its natural habitat.’
    • ‘The website provides students with a guide to the number of moorhens, mallards, coots and other wildfowl to be found on streams, ponds and other stretches of water near their chosen university.’
    • ‘Stevenson describes herons rising from the water's edge and an abundance of moorhens and coots.’
    • ‘Visitors can also take on one of the seven nature walks to see herons, moorhens and ducks in the wetland areas.’
    • ‘Nearby a moorhen was incubating a clutch of eggs.’
    • ‘The pond also had a few coots and moorhens swimming around.’
    • ‘The moat is large enough to provide living accommodation for the moorhens as well as a number of resident and visiting ducks and, except in a very hot summer, well supplied with water to cater for plenty of aquatic activities.’
    • ‘The canal is a breeding ground for swans, geese, moorhens and other wildlife.’
    • ‘‘I think it's nice to see them, because I think having wildlife, such as swans, ducks and moorhens only enhances the river's appearance,’ he said.’
    • ‘‘New pools are attractive to dragonflies, butterflies and damselflies and should in time attract moorhens, ducks and other water birds, as well as being a peaceful area for staff to enjoy during their breaks,’ he added.’
    • ‘We ambled by the water passing moorhens, ducks, geese, rabbits and squirrels.’
    • ‘A moorhen called from inside the reeds and then flew across the pond.’
    • ‘Local residents have argued that the idea could destroy a quiet riverside environment where lilies grow and moorhens swim.’
  • 2British A female red grouse.

    • ‘On one side of the turkey was a hare cut in pieces; on the other woodcocks, moorhens, or other small wild game.’