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  • Relating to or characteristic of the Moors.

    ‘Moorish Spain’
    • ‘Moorish architecture’
    • ‘He spent some time in Spain, and showed an interest in Moorish music before returning to Germany.’
    • ‘In addition, the top areas of the main windows are decorated with stone tracery describing trefoils, quatrefoils and Moorish arches.’
    • ‘Andalusia also has its own regional dialect - Andalusian - that contains words derived from Arabic, reflecting the region's period of Moorish rule.’
    • ‘Phoenician, Roman and Moorish ruins were uncovered during the construction process, some of which are on permanent view in the new additions.’
    • ‘Moorish details blended easily with elements of other European revival styles, including Venetian and Byzantine architecture.’
    • ‘This means that there was a large Moorish population in Spain half a millennium after the high point of Andalusian culture in the eleventh century.’
    • ‘And it goes without saying the bathrooms were sublime, with Moorish influences also detected here.’
    • ‘At the restaurant there was a sort of romantic wishfulness that Spain's cooking should be more Moorish than it actually is.’
    • ‘More precisely, Gaudi's work is Moorish, Medieval, and Futuristic, both lavishly ornate and elegantly simple.’
    • ‘The city was Moorish territory for many years and regained importance and economic standing with the discovery of the New World.’
    • ‘Whether it will be retro, modern, futuristic or even Moorish is not clear, but it's a safe bet that it will be achingly stylish.’



/ˈmo͝oriSH/ /ˈmʊrɪʃ/