Definition of moped in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmōˌped/ /ˈmoʊˌpɛd/


  • A low-power, lightweight motorized bicycle.

    • ‘He has explored every nook and cranny of Paris - on foot, by bicycle, by moped.’
    • ‘The firm uses a fleet of bicycles, mopeds, vans and tow trucks to scour the streets for offenders.’
    • ‘So would more widespread use of bicycles and mopeds to free-up road space?’
    • ‘The roads become busier, and more and more bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes use the pedestrian footpaths.’
    • ‘Scooters, mopeds or bicycles can be rented for a modest cost in most tourist locations.’
    • ‘On the streets, he zips around on a little yellow moped.’
    • ‘The bus lane is designed to limit the amount of traffic in Ferndale Road and only allows buses, emergency vehicles, motorbikes, mopeds and bicycles.’
    • ‘Temples, small villages and waterfalls dotted along the coast can be explored by car or moped.’
    • ‘But you can rent a bike or moped to explore the enticing floral lanes - so long as you respect the island's speed limit - a sedate 20 mph.’
    • ‘She got on her moped and road out towards Annie's house.’
    • ‘I started working in Salisbury and my godmother gave me some money to buy a moped, to save on bus-fares.’
    • ‘We all see whole families with their babies and dogs weaving through traffic on small mopeds.’


1950s from Swedish, from (trampcykel med) mo(tor och) ped(aler) ‘pedal cycle with motor and pedals’.



/ˈmōˌped/ /ˈmoʊˌpɛd/