Definition of moral sense in English:

moral sense


  • The ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

    ‘my moral sense has been dulled by too many years here’
    • ‘It may be, then, that I have the makings of a soulless, bloodless, heartless academic in me; it may be that I have no moral sense, no conscience, no shame.’
    • ‘Developing a public and private moral system and moral sense are essential to the humanist project.’
    • ‘Now, that's very hard to argue against, isn't it, because one man's moral conviction and moral sense is perhaps no better than another man's who might think very differently.’
    • ‘In regards to every ethical obligation, the Qur'anic text assumes that readers will bring a pre-existing, innate moral sense to the text.’
    • ‘There is much talk of active citizenry, of the need for greater involvement in the democratic process, of equipping the young with moral sense and an awareness of responsibilities as well as rights.’
    • ‘And when combined with his strong sense of history, and his unshakeable moral sense of good and evil, it gave him the power and the inner resources to sweep this country to victory.’
    • ‘I want their drive, their ambition, their sense of direction and, most importantly, their honesty and moral sense.’
    • ‘Our moral sense dictates a clearcut preference for these societies which share with us an abiding respect for individual human rights.’
    • ‘Others would say it comes from a shared innate moral sense, the essence of which is well-captured by the Ten Commandments.’
    • ‘There are large groups of people who do not consider it ‘wrong’ in a moral sense to kill or cheat people outside the clan.’
    • ‘We fight every accident, every disease… precisely because of that moral sense that every human life counts.’
    • ‘And the essential thing is not only to exert power, in the sense of political power in the crude sense, but to exert authority, in the intellectual and moral sense.’
    • ‘As he puts it, ‘it makes no moral sense to rescue a village and start World War Three, or destroy a village in order to save it’.’
    • ‘What is worse, it makes no moral sense, since justice is not done for the victims of atrocities in such an outcome to war.’
    • ‘Our moral sense will not allow children to continue to be neglected.’
    • ‘Wars have taken not only lives but much of our moral sense too and that would return only if we show the wisdom of the man with the ideal chart not to kill but to live and let live.’
    • ‘He concedes that religion is one of the external forces drawn upon to inform a person's natural moral sense.’
    • ‘All people are equal, the revolutionaries declared, inasmuch as all have a capacity for reason and moral sense.’
    sense of right and wrong, sense of right, moral sense, still small voice, inner voice, voice within


moral sense

/ˌmôrəl ˈsens/ /ˌmɔrəl ˈsɛns/