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(also British moralise)
  • 1no object Comment on issues of right and wrong, typically with an unfounded air of superiority.

    ‘the solution to climate change is not to moralize from on high’
    • ‘the news media are sure to moralize about the arrogance of power’
    pontificate, sermonize, philosophize, lecture, preach
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  • 2with object Reform the character and conduct of.

    • ‘he endeavored to moralize an immoral society’
    1. 2.1Interpret or explain as giving lessons on good and bad character and conduct.
      • ‘mythographers normally moralize Narcissus as the man who wastes himself in pursuing worldly goods’



/ˈmôrəˌlīz/ /ˈmɔrəˌlaɪz/


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘explain the moral meaning of’): from French moraliser or medieval Latin moralizare, from late Latin moralis (see moral).