Definition of more so in English:

more so


  • Of the same kind to a greater degree.

    ‘the waiter found me delightful and my little sister even more so’
    • ‘While the season had been a roller coaster ride the events of the last few weeks were even more so.’
    • ‘The technicalities were already fairly routine and have become more so since.’
    • ‘Ilkley has a thriving online scene, probably more so than any town of comparable size in the country.’
    • ‘It's nice, whenever we do get any sunshine, to sit outside, even more so when getting on in years.’
    • ‘She astonished listeners from an early age and none more so than her non - musical parents.’
    • ‘So it's always been the case that property has been the key, but it's even more so now.’
    • ‘We will tackle the real problems: and none more so than the iniquitous Council Tax.’
    • ‘Technology is useful, but everyone agrees that leadership and civic vision are much more so.’
    • ‘Like most of its neighbours, or perhaps more so, France arouses mixed feelings today.’
    • ‘It's been a tragedy for my family, and even more so for the other family who lost their daughter.’