Definición de Morisco en inglés


nombresustantivo plural Moriscos, sustantivo plural Moriscoes

  • A Moor in Spain, especially one who had accepted Christian baptism.

    ‘In 1609, when the Spaniards expelled all the Moriscos, approximately 80,000 came in a single year.’
    • ‘Finally the Moriscos were all expelled from Spain in the early seventeenth century.’
    • ‘Some 80,000 Moriscos in Granada were dispersed to other parts of Spain and Old Christians from northern Spain were settled on their lands.’
    • ‘Weirdly enough, Morris dancing arguably derives from Morisco or Moorish dancing.’
    • ‘Elizabeth, for her part, sent an army into the Spanish Netherlands in 1585 and offered to support Philip's Morisco subjects against the Spanish government in the late 1580s.’



/məˈriskō/ /məˈrɪskoʊ/


Spanish, from Moro ‘Moor’.