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morning coat

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  • A man's formal coat with a cutaway.

    ‘For, as every dedicated follower of fashion knows, at Britain's most elegant race meeting, no gentleman gets into the enclosure without wearing the obligatory morning coat and top hat.’
    • ‘Being a true English gent, I lend her the warm and comforting embrace of my morning coat.’
    • ‘Hill himself was sitting in a corner in his morning coat.’
    • ‘The twins saw the driver clearly now, and Becca said, ‘Yeah, he looks like he's dressed for a funeral, what with that morning coat on.’’
    • ‘While the settlers along the coast developed an elaborate lifestyle complete with top hats and morning coats and a society of Masons, the indigenous peasants endured poverty and neglect.’
    • ‘There were 5,000 police, including plain-clothes officers disguised in everything from morning coats to overalls.’
    • ‘Senior members of the Royal Family in military dress uniforms saluted; women in black hats and men in morning coats bowed their heads.’
    • ‘Waiters glide around in dark ties and morning coats.’


morning coat

/ˈmôrniNG ˌkōt/ /ˈmɔrnɪŋ ˌkoʊt/