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nounplural noun moroccos

  • Fine flexible leather made (originally in Morocco) from goatskin tanned with sumac, used especially for book covers and shoes.

    ‘a volume bound in red morocco’
    • ‘morocco leather’
    • ‘On the table lay a large open roll of morocco leather, containing rows of elegant little instruments in steel and ivory.’
    • ‘Hand-coloured, mounted and bound in red morocco with a cusped yellow leather border, the plates are prefaced by a manuscript dedication by Angelo to the Prince of Wales.’
    • ‘The Italian text was contained in a white morocco leather case bearing the Italian royal arms’
    • ‘The prize for the original Open competition in 1860 had been a red morocco belt with silver clasps.’
    • ‘Morocco leather was rarely used in England before 1600.’



/məˈräkō/ /məˈrɑkoʊ/

Main definitions of Morocco in English

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proper noun

  • A country in northwestern Africa, with coastlines on the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean; population 34,400,000 (estimated 2015); languages, Arabic (official), Berber; capital, Rabat.

    Conquered by the Arabs in the 7th century, Morocco later fell under French and Spanish influence as each country established protectorates in the early 20th century. It became an independent monarchy after the withdrawal of the colonial powers in 1956 and the sultan became king. A bicameral legislature was established in 1997



/məˈräkō/ /məˈrɑkoʊ/