Definition of morphemic in English:




See morpheme

‘The smallest possible unities - phonemic - are integrated into ever higher levels of unity - morphemic, syntactic, syntagmatic, narratological - that are simultaneously equivalent to ‘higher’ levels of thought.’
  • ‘Comparisons with the reading-age control group indicated that, while the dyslexic children were poorer in the morphemic segmentation tasks, they performed normally for their reading level in the sentence completion tasks.’
  • ‘No difference was found between dyslexic and younger normal readers in tasks such as word derivation in a sentence context, production of derived, inflected and compound forms of pseudowords, and synthesis of morphemic element.’
  • ‘Good examples of the former are the special issues in journals on experimental studies of inflectional, morphemic compounding, and derivational morphology in relation to learning to read and spell.’
  • ‘Both the morphological analysis and the suffix deletion tasks assessed morphemic manipulation in the absence of contextual cues that may facilitate lexical retrieval.’



/môrˈfēmik/ /mɔrˈfimɪk/