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old-fashioned term for morphine
‘Surgeons would attempt to stupefy the patient with alcohol, opium, or morphia, but with little effect.’
  • ‘Paul and Annie give her morphia to stop her pain.’
  • ‘His mother was wasted and almost ashen in the morning with the morphia.’
  • ‘The dying were given water or brandy and had their pain eased by morphia.’
  • ‘But… he gave each of them a ‘shot’ of morphia, whereupon all traces of fatigue vanished.’
  • ‘The sick man lay unutterably weak and spent, kept alive by morphia and by drinks, which he sipped slowly.’
  • ‘At last, unable to bear her suffering, he and his sister Annie put an overdose of morphia in her milk.’



/ˈmôrfēə/ /ˈmɔrfiə/