Definition of morphic resonance in English:

morphic resonance


  • (according to the theory developed by Rupert Sheldrake, British biologist 1942–) a paranormal influence by which a pattern of events or behavior can facilitate subsequent occurrences of similar patterns.

    ‘What the rest of the scientific world terms lawfulness - the tendency of things to follow patterns we call laws of nature - Sheldrake calls morphic resonance.’
    • ‘I think that this is a strategy that Sheldrake believes will help give readers the impression that the most plausible explanations are his own, which support his theory of morphic resonance.’
    • ‘But once the chemical has crystallized, subsequent attempts to crystallize it in other places will be influenced by morphic resonance from the first crystals.’
    • ‘‘In the East, the idea of causation through time, such as I suggest in the idea of morphic resonance, is familiar and part of the traditional philosophy,’ he explains.’
    • ‘Testing these ideas is hard, because anything that is precisely predictable is excluded from morphic resonance.’


morphic resonance

/ˌmôrfik ˈrezənəns/ /ˌmɔrfɪk ˈrɛzənəns/ /ˈreznəns/ /ˈrɛznəns/