Definition of morphometrics in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmôrfəˈmetriks/ /ˌmɔrfəˈmɛtrɪks/

plural noun

usually treated as singular
  • Morphometry, especially of living organisms.

    ‘We quantified size and shape with the methods of geometric morphometrics.’
    • ‘Specialties such as neuroimaging, electrophysiology, morphometrics and computational modeling each shape practices resulting in an array of preferred instrumentation and methods.’
    • ‘Recent enhancements include the development of geometric morphometrics, techniques that more directly preserve geometry and the spatial relationships among landmark points and contours of a form.’
    • ‘We recognize species using morphometrics and a statistical population approach.’
    • ‘This study uses the methods of geometric morphometrics, which are based on an explicitly geometric definition of shape as all those features of a landmark configuration that are invariant to size, position, and orientation.’
    • ‘Following oxygen consumption measurements, content of the nest box was inspected for presence of eggs and female morphometrics were taken.’
    • ‘We obtained data on plumage coloration and morphometrics for 32 males.’
    • ‘They must cover a wide range of morphological features and consist of characters that are preserved well enough to be used in character coding or landmark morphometrics.’
    • ‘Recent analyses of plumage and morphometrics of hybrids have increased the rigor of their identification.’
    • ‘Body mass and six morphometrics were taken from all birds blood sampled.’