Definition of morphometry in English:


Pronunciation /môrˈfämətrē/ /mɔrˈfɑmətri/


  • The process of measuring the external shape and dimensions of landforms, living organisms, or other objects.

    ‘Several methods of geometric morphometry allow a quantitative approach to the morphology of the exoskeleton by the use of landmark configurations.’
    • ‘By morphometry, changes in cell and tissue structures can be expressed quantitatively.’
    • ‘Our participants have been extensively characterised according to structural change, morphometry, hip pain, and risk factors for osteoarthritis and provide a significant resource for further molecular genetic studies.’
    • ‘Each basin maintains its individual character but varies in morphometry, water quality and bio-diversity.’
    • ‘In future studies, the stress and strain distributions in the vessel will be computed and correlated with the morphometry of individual fibers.’