Definition of morphophonemics in English:



another term for morphophonology
‘Enforcing regularity in morphophonemics is like trying to clean sand off the beach.’
  • ‘Tonal morphophonemics is much more confusing to the beginning analyst than consonantal morphophonemics, even when the total number of rules is no greater.’
  • ‘The major patterns and problems of Korean morphophonemics are discussed, along with a host of small-scale alternations to be accounted for in the lexicon and some interesting shape alternations in the formation of diminutives and in reduplicated forms.’
  • ‘One empirical focus of her work has been the morphophonemics and prosody of Japanese.’



/ˌmôrfōfəˈnēmiks/ /ˌmɔrfoʊfəˈnimɪks/