Definition of morphophonological in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌfänlˈäjikəl/


See morphophonology

‘All names are lexical entries, in the sense that they are morphophonological patterns with a conventional (if sometimes very local) meaning, which is not predictable from the meaning of their parts (if any).’
  • ‘The generic space is the semantic and morphophonological commonality between the two expressions.’
  • ‘They are listed in the lexicon, but an error in the morphological or morphophonological system prevents the parser from recognising them.’
  • ‘Another important morphophonological feature is consonant alternation involving the assimilation of voiced stops into nasals, consonant voicing and/or devoicing, frication and loss of affrication.’
  • ‘Our account of the inflection of nouns in German includes two morphophonological alternations: vowel lengthening and umlaut.’