Definition of morphosyntactic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmôrfōsinˈtaktik/ /ˌmɔrfoʊsɪnˈtæktɪk/


  • Involving both morphology and syntax.

    ‘number is a morphosyntactic unit; plurals require both a morphological change and syntactic agreement between noun and verb’
    • ‘I round off the chapter by considering the case of so-called numeral-classifier languages, which typically lack the morphosyntactic distinctions (especially, singular vs. plural) characteristic of English.’
    • ‘Lexical items are characterized by penultimate accent in the unmarked case, but there are morphosyntactic factors that trigger ultimate accent.’
    • ‘Their key idea was that differences among languages - especially in plurality or gender or definiteness or other sorts of morphosyntactic marking - should have an effect on what people pay attention to.’