Definition of mosh pit in English:

mosh pit



  • An area where moshing occurs, especially in front of the stage at a rock concert.

    • ‘Walking into the airport is almost like being in a mosh pit at a rock concert; it was shoulder-to-shoulder people.’
    • ‘The ad features a teenage boy in the middle of a mosh pit at a rock concert.’
    • ‘We were down the front in the mosh pit (the first 10 rows of seats had been removed) but we had by far the best view.’
    • ‘It was one of those typical raging relentless mosh pits which some people enjoy.’
    • ‘They opened Saturday night's main stage event with hard hitting music that turned the dance floor into a mosh pit.’
    • ‘They make their way forward to stand alongside the fans, and soon a mosh pit develops.’
    • ‘Dedicated fans of Chinese rock music have found ways to listen, whether in mosh pits in Beijing, on overseas concert tours, or by picking up CDs and music over the Internet.’
    • ‘But the economics of the concert industry may jar fans harder than the mosh pit at the band's show.’
    • ‘Natalie informs me that we'll be able to see her in the mosh pit and possibly doing some stage diving.’
    • ‘Well, at most rock shows you can find a mosh pit - arguably the best place to spend your time.’
    • ‘I've heard stories about people dying in mosh pits, and images of my head being crushed under hundreds of jumping feet keep pushing themselves through my mind.’
    • ‘To keep warm, the locals resort to two reliable sources: geothermal energy produced naturally by the country's volcanic landscape and mosh pits.’
    • ‘We were singing our own stuff though, so people in the mosh pit didn't know what songs these were.’
    • ‘Those are the moments that bring out air guitar virtuosos and fill the dance floor, moments when mosh pits writhe and heads bang.’
    • ‘A mosh pit, like the blogosphere, is a zone of controlled aggression, a civil space, after a fashion.’
    • ‘Maddie moved up to thrash around in the forming mosh pit closer to the stage, but Austin chose to stay behind.’
    • ‘Sorry, I appear to have put up the wrong picture here; this is actually the mosh pit at last week's Anthrax gig.’
    • ‘The two guitarists leapt off the low stage and began a two-man mosh pit, guitars and all.’
    • ‘There was a mosh pit in the middle of the room and people were starting to crowd-surf.’
    • ‘That's because mosh pits are meant to be sweaty, violent places.’