Definition of mosquito hawk in English:

mosquito hawk


North American
  • 1A nighthawk.

    • ‘The fish hawk is the osprey; the marsh hawk is a harrier; the mosquito hawk is a kite; Cooper's hawk is an accipiter; Harris' hawk is a buteonine, a hawk closely related to buteos but put in a different genus; the duck hawk is a falcon; and the rough-legged hawk is a buteo!’
  • 2A dragonfly.

    ‘Adults look like huge mosquitoes, which explains the common names mosquito hawk and Montana mosquito.’
    • ‘If the mosquito hawks are killed, the mosquitoes come back in greater numbers than before.’
    • ‘Although it is rumoured that mosquito hawks eat mosquitoes, that is not the case with crane flies.’
    • ‘In fact, if it is a true mosquito hawk, it would do you a favor because it would eat mosquitoes.’
    • ‘Adult crane flies are sometimes referred to as mosquito hawks.’


mosquito hawk

/məˈskēdō hôk/ /məˈskidoʊ hɔk/