Definition of mosquito net in English:

mosquito net

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(also mosquito netting)
  • A fine net hung across a door or window or around a bed to keep mosquitoes away.

    ‘The window was open wide; the mosquito net was completely destroyed and so cool summer air aerated the stuffy little bedroom.’
    • ‘I slept in a hammock slung between two bamboo poles and inside a mosquito net.’
    • ‘‘The more tightly woven, the more comfortable,’ he says as he hops into a tasselled hammock and demonstrates the use of a mosquito net specially designed for use with a hammock.’
    • ‘That made me look around and think, My God, does anyone here sleep under a mosquito net?’
    • ‘Nestled under my mosquito net, I subconsciously tried to ignore the hurricane lantern swinging across the moonlit field of the hospital grounds.’
    • ‘Canoe camps range from fully catered varieties with luxury tents and crystal glass down to more basic operations where you put up your own mosquito net and join in with the cooking.’
    • ‘I haven't bought a tent so I lie under a mosquito net.’
    • ‘After an intense training period in London, Miss Beck is to travel to London where she will be taught everything from how to avoid disease to what to do with a mosquito net.’
    • ‘I guess the mosquito net wasn't wrapped tight enough in my case, since something woke me in the middle of the night, biting my hand as I groped for my torch.’
    • ‘The appalling scandal is that most of these children could have been saved - not by expensive drugs, but by the simple expedient of a mosquito net.’
    • ‘The choice is between buying a mosquito net to cover your children while they sleep, and having your children die slowly of malaria.’
    • ‘However, if he is still alive, I would like to demand a personal apology from him for sending me to Malaya without the full protection of a mosquito net.’
    • ‘In return, we feed him and give him a mosquito net to sleep under.’
    • ‘I sleep under a mosquito net; it's not extravagant in any way, believe me!’
    • ‘Before dropping off underneath a wispy mosquito net, my last thought is: who knows what creatures stalk this place?’
    • ‘If you are travelling somewhere remote or camping then you can get a mosquito net from camping stores which will fold up quite small in your bag.’
    • ‘If your bedroom doesn't have screens or air conditioning, the use of a mosquito net is a must.’
    • ‘I'm not exaggerating when I say that they even bit a big hole in the mosquito net.’
    • ‘Beds are protected with a mosquito net, and a separate room provides privacy for dressing.’
    • ‘Whenever he came to my bed, he used to clean his feet with a dust cloth and crawl in under the mosquito net, securing it behind him to prevent mosquitoes from getting in, and then he would lie down beside me.’