Definition of mosquito repellent in English:

mosquito repellent


  • A substance that deters mosquitoes from approaching or settling.

    ‘the oil from cedar wood acts as an excellent mosquito repellent’
    • ‘make sure your kids apply mosquito repellent before they step out of the house’
    • ‘The best way to avoid bites is to wear mosquito repellent.’
    • ‘I read the article about using catnip as a mosquito repellent.’
    • ‘Her nonprofit group sells subsidized mosquito nets and distributes mosquito repellent to villagers.’
    • ‘I am ordinarily not a big fan of lemongrass, as it reminds me of mosquito repellent lotion, but I enjoyed it there.’
    • ‘The report recommends using natural alternatives, such as disrupting mosquito-breeding cycles by removing stagnant water, and using natural mosquito repellant made of herbal extracts and oils.’
    • ‘When they embark on a canoe trip, they wear mosquito repellent like a protective shield.’
    • ‘Housewives shared home recipes for mosquito repellents to smear on faces and hands.’
    • ‘Always apply mosquito repellant before spending time in outdoor areas where mosquitoes are plentiful.’
    • ‘Rosemary: this wonderful herb we use for seasoning is also a great, natural mosquito repellant.’
    • ‘Over the summer, before I went outdoors, I put on ten times more mosquito repellant than years before!’