Definition of mosstrooper in English:



  • A person who lived by plundering property in the border region between England and Scotland during the 17th century.

    ‘The Union of the Crowns in 1603 largely brought about an end to such activities, though mosstroopers and horse thieves were still active in the borders throughout the seventeenth century.’
    • ‘The Borders were a very dangerous place at that time because of mosstroopers, who were basically little different from the rustlers of the Old West.’
    • ‘However, lawlessness remained a problem, with bandits known as mosstroopers, very often former Royalist or Covenanter soldiers, plundering both the English troops and the civilian population.’
    • ‘He received a sum of money from the Prince of Orange for the mosstroopers and cattle-drivers from the middle marches whom he despatched to fight against Holland's enemies.’
    • ‘It was obviously written for the children or grandchildren of the mosstroopers whose exploits it glorifies, a generation to whom appeals to a higher code than their ancestors accepted would have been wholly unintelligible.’
    • ‘Not far from this well is Tom Smith's Leap, so called from a legend of a mosstrooper who, when pursued, jumped down and was killed rather than fall into the hands of justice.’
    robber, raider, mugger



/ˈmôsˌtro͞opər/ /ˈmɔsˌtrupər/