Definition of most significant bit in English:

most significant bit


(also MSB)
  • The bit in a binary number which is of the greatest numerical value.

    ‘Specify the number of most significant bits to output in the number of bits parameter.’
    • ‘Reverse bit direction, most significant bit to least significant bit, is used to communicate data to display devices and in many data compression encoding methods.’
    • ‘Class B addresses use the first two octets to represent the network number, with the restriction that the two most significant bits of the first octet be 10.’
    • ‘The second most significant bit is reserved and must be 0.’
    • ‘In arithmetic shift right the sign bit (most significant bit) is shifted into the high-order bit.’


most significant bit

/mōst siɡˈnifikənt bit/ /moʊst sɪɡˈnɪfɪkənt bɪt/