Definition of mostest in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmōstəst/ /ˈmoʊstəst/


  • Most.

    ‘the winner is the person who can get there quickest with the mostest’
    • ‘She calls him ‘a truly splendid man’, and goes on, with typical hyperbole: ‘You were the firstest with the mostest.’
    • ‘As usual my mum, the hostess with the mostest, put on a wonderful day, with food and wine coming out of our ears, but I don't think she allowed herself to enjoy herself as she was too busy making sure that everyone else was happy.’
    • ‘Once again Jane was the hostess with the mostest.’
    • ‘Who wouldn't want to dance with the hostess with the mostest?’
    • ‘Why do I run around pretending to be the hostess with the mostest when all I really want to do is give my guests a big glass of something alcoholic and the phone number of the nearest takeaway?’
    • ‘It was another president who once said life is unfair, but the journey from being the mostest to the leastest is the way that it goes.’
    • ‘Yes, Russia and China are big suppliers too but look at the numbers and see who supplies the mostest.’
    • ‘Even if it is not explicitly stated within the framework, what is being taught to or required of the student is what has been found to be the ‘bestest for the mostest,’ over the history of the framework.’
    • ‘With the war now in high gear, journalistic organizations are scrambling to be firstest with the mostest with reports from the intense fighting at the front and the intense briefings from Washington war rooms.’
    • ‘If, for example, a company really wants to increase sales, it might go so far as offering holidays in the Seychelles or a bright shiny car, for the sales rep who sells the mostest.’
    • ‘I'd just do your best to help your boyfriend make the mostest of Wednesdays and weekends.’